Your Business Accelerator Programme Options

EVERY business owner wants to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in and begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having.

The E-Learning Marketing System (e-Business Office) was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources and support they need to accomplish these goals.

How? First, we help you target your ideal client, understand exactly what they want when they make their decision to buy, and create compelling marketing messages that enable you to out-market and out-sell your competition.

We even provide you with “done-for-you” marketing and advertising examples that are proven and tested to get real-world results.

The programme will teach you how to:

  • Generate more Leads
  • Drive more Transactions
  • Get more Conversions
  • Create more Profit
  • Increase your Prices

Available online 24/7 PLUS added coaching to keep you on track

Learn at your own pace in this 52 week programme comprising weekly videos and e-Classes to watch at a time that suits you – all the while being guided and mentored by an experienced business coach to apply everything you learn to your business.


Download the content summary here and see for yourself what you get access to from the day you subscribe.

YBA program content cover


Your Business Accelerator is the Answer – 2 Optional programmes

Your Business Accelerator has taken over 3 years and cost over $2million to develop. It provides a weekly video and e-Class over 52 weeks you can watch at your leisure….at a time that suits your life. You can also join in on  weekly group webinar where topics are presented in more detail.

There are two streams you can choose from: Gold or Silver depending on the depth of access and level of coaching support you need.

The standard Your Business Accelerator programme comprises:

• IMMEDIATE 24/7 access to online resource library

Download the content summary above or CONTACT me and ask for the package details


Unmatched Resources

It’s designed to cover the core marketing issues of all small businesses:

  • Generate more Leads
  • Drive more Transactions
  • Get more Conversions
  • Create more Profit
  • Increase your Prices

Not only do you get the regular information, you also get access to marketing resources such as ready to-go-ads, landing page formats, email scripts, TV ads, brochures, elevator speeches and much, much more….all from the day you subscribe. The programme develops a roadmap for your training designed to get you more business quickly.

Why Is This Different?

Why is this programme any different to other online courses? Well here’s one crucial element other programmes don’t include – a monthly subscription to Your Business Accelerator includes a monthly coaching and accountability session to keep you on track, and applying everything you are being taught to your business.

Keep on Track

The simple fact is that the dedication of most people doing online courses last between 2-3 months and then it falters. The money invested is wasted as the resources just aren’t being utilised.

Apply What You Learn Immediately

So I keep you on track and motivated by seeing how what you learn online can be applied to your own business. You are generating effective and productive strategies from the first week….and can access all the additional resources.

Your Business Accelerator is proven to be effective.


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