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Generate profit in your first year in business

“If you really want to grow your business, you’ll love Profit Mechanics!”

Imagine having a business mentor share with you all the secrets to running a successful business, helping you to get more from your business over a whole year – if you could find someone to do that it would be great wouldn’t it?

All the essential information you need to generate profit in your first year and run a successful business has been painstakingly documented and recorded. The whole thing has been made into 12 different, easy to follow programs covering everything from getting more clients to putting proper systems in your business

Here’s what you get with Profit Mechanics to help you:

  • You get 30 fascinating, high quality, videos so that you can learn at your own pace and go over the material as often as you wish, making it easier than ever to understand the essentials to running a successful business.
  • Included are ideas-packed interviews with over 20 business experts so that you can learn from people that have been there and done what you want to know
  • You can also enjoy the program whilst driving and make maximum use of your time, because it includes 70 audio tracks too.
  • Save massive amounts of time by having documents and spreadsheets already created for you – you get a huge 130 business templates!
  • You get 12 comprehensive sets of notes, which help you to easily put into practice what you have learnt
    Save even more time
  • A short quiz at the end of each program is included, so that you can see what you remember and help you to get the maximum benefit from each program

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All this for $3,497 (inc GST) …….and I help you set it up and provide 3 coaching calls (1 hour each) to get you up and running.   Or just purchase the materials on their own for $2,997.


Here are the topics covered:


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Here is the program content in more detail.

Program 1 – Prepare for Success

Presentation Content

  •  How to ensure that people want to buy what you have to sell
  •  An easy way to find out how big your market is – so that you know how many potential customers you could sell to
  • How to avoid running out of money by making one simple change to your forecasting
  • Discover why it’s important to keep track of all the numbers in your business and what you need to measure.
  • How to stay focussed and confident, even when times are tough
  • The key mistakes that business owners make and how to avoid them
  • Discover the power of leverage and why it’s important to work on your business more than in it
Resources Toolkit

  • Annual Marketing Project Planner
  • Business Plan Index
  • Cashflow forecast example
  • Customer Feedback Survey
  • Customer Feedback Table
  • Marketing Activity 6 Month planner
  • P&L Budget Instructions & Example
  • Product or Service Profit Analysis
  • Profit driver Formula
  • Quarterly Marketing Project Planner
  • Sales & Marketing Survey



Program 2 – Managing Your Database

Presentation Content

  • What the most important part of any business really is and how easy it is to miss!
  • Learn the ‘4 Step Master Plan’ to manage the only real asset of your business
  • How to leverage your Database and get access to unlimited FREE marketing, time and time again
  • How to manage the Massive Client Lists these strategies create!
  • How to get people desperate to introduce their Clients to you and encourage them to buy from you.
  • How to recognise potential Gold Mines in Businesses that the owners aren’t even aware of. You’ll learn how to tap into them … for years!
  • How to scoop up loads of your competitor’s Prospects drifting around the market place, ready to buy from you!
Resource Toolkit

  • Client hasn’t been in for a while Letter
  • Client listing template
  • Customer Category Tracking
  • Database customer tracking
  • Customer Database definitions
  • Database management Instructions
  • Direct Mail Tracking Form blank
  • Happy Birthday letter
  • It’s not the same here without you – Letter
  • Just a quick note to say….welcome! – Letter
  • Thanks You! – Letter
  • We Stuffed Up – Letter
  •  You’re in –  Letter
  • You’re invited – Letter

Program 3 – Creating Strategic Alliances

Presentation Content

  • The easy way to double (yes, DOUBLE!) Your number of Ideal Clients
  • Where Joint Ventures fit into your Strategic Alliance Strategy and how they’re used together.
  • The 4 pitfalls that are so easily avoided (if you know about them) that cause most businesses to fail dismally.
  • How to get your first 10 businesses into Strategic Alliances with you and automatically sending their best Clients bolting to your door.
  • The easy way to get $100’s worth of Gifts to give away to your Clients for FREE!
  • Lists of proven Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance set-ups, ready for you to make your own.
  • The art of getting other business owners to spend their marketing dollars on promoting your business and loving every minute of it!
  • The 3 Step Process to make a quick $100,000 revenue in just weeks
Resource Toolkit

  • Alliance Proposal
  • Business to Customer Letter
  • Joint Venture Letter
  • Thanks! Joint Venture Letter











Program 4 – Selling Against tough Competition

 Presentation Content

  • How to complete a SWOT analysis and why this is such an important first step
  • Discover why your competitors are literally handing you their customers – without even realizing it
  • What you need to do so that customers will willingly choose your business to buy from, rather than go to your competition
  • Why it doesn’t really matter for most businesses, if there is a downturn in the marketplace or even a recession
  • The number one mistake businesses make when they give great customer service – it actually makes customers go elsewhere!
  • How to use the Commitment Statement in your business to position your business in a positive light
  • How to construct a powerful USP and create the WOW
  • Why having a Guarantee is critical and how to construct your own
 Resource Toolkit 

  • Ad Examples
  • Feel, Felt, Found – Case Study layout
  • Pamphlet example











Program 5 – The Sales Funnel

 Presentation Content

  • How to align your Marketing and Sales activity to get Maximum Sales and Bottom-line Profits from now on.
  • The key to getting Sales happening quicker, more smoothly and with less fuss.
  • The fatal advertising mistake businesses make that kills them quicker than anything else.
  • Discover more than 400 strategies to add to your War Chest. Choose the ones you want to use to add Massive numbers of Clients and increase $’s in your business.
  • A case study showing you how to put these strategies into action in the Real World using the Profit Mechanics 4 Step Process.
  • Customisable Templates to get you Marketing & Sales Team 100% committed and accountable to Sales Activity and Outcomes.
  • How to systematically identify and eliminate objections. Prospects won’t even get the CHANCE to object when you learn this secret!
 Resource Toolkit 

  • Average Dollar Sales
  • Conversion List
  • Enquiry Tracking Sheet
  • Increase Margin List
  • Lead Generation List
  • Number of Transactions List
  • Profit Driver Formula – working model
  • Profit Driver Formula
  • Project Form
  • Promotion Results Analysis







Program 6 – Making Appointment by Phone

 Presentation Content

  • Why it’s critical to understand what you want to achieve from your ‘phone call before you even dial
  • You will discover a simple system to help you stay motivated when calling, even when people are saying “NO”
  • The main mistake callers make that ensures gatekeepers will block you
  • The easy way to get past gatekeepers and speak to decision makers
  • What to say if asked, “What’s it concerning?” or, “What’s it regarding?”
  • How to respond if asked to send something through the post
  • What to say to set up a meeting with a decision maker
  • Why you should never refer to your outcome as having a meeting or making an appointment. What to say instead.
 Resource Toolkit

  • Activity Tracking Forms
  • Database Re-Activation phone script
  • Enquiry Tracking Script
  • Phone Rules
  • Prospecting Phone Script
  • Telemarketing Script Example









Program 7 – The Sales Process

 Presentation Content

  • Discover the 9 easy steps to selling
  • How to avoid some of the silly mistakes others make before they even arrive for a sales meeting
  • What makes your potential customer want to take action and buy from you? Miss it out and they may go elsewhere or do nothing!
  • Discover the simple language pattern to turn features into benefits – most sales people and business owners get this wrong and it costs them orders
  • A little known, yet extremely powerful language pattern that will help you to build rapport with your customer, steer the conversation where you want it to go and create a win-win outcome
  • Why it’s important to ask for the order and specifically how to do that
  • A simple step you can add into your sales presentation, to reduce or eliminate the number of objections that the customer gives you
  • Discover 15 of the top Power Words that you can use in your sales and marketing. Most advertising agencies use them – do you?
 Resource Toolkit 

  • Approaching Business Owners Script
  • Following Up a Lead Script
  • Following Up After a package has been sent
  • Master Tracking Sheet
  • Script – for interview stetting
  • Survey Method script
  •  Thanks for sending questionnaire back – script








Program 8 – The Secret Power of Questions

 Presentation Content·

  • How to turn a “no” into a “yes”, just by asking a simple question
  • How to uncover the pain, problem or issue that your customer may have, but doesn’t even realize
  • A simple way to get others to pay for your marketing and be pleased that they have
  • How to get FREE PR just by asking the right questions
  • Discover 3 powerful types of questions and the benefits of each
  • How to ask questions in such a way that what you are saying cannot be challenged
  • Discover the simple 4 step process for asking questions so that you can overcome any objections
 Resource Toolkit ·

  • Dealing with Objections
  • Rewording (Image of Woman, old & young)









Program 9 – Turn Your Website into a Marketing Machine

Presentation Content·

  • Discover a step by step process for setting up your Website as a powerful marketing machine
  • Why it’s a good idea not to sell to someone as soon as they visit your Website
  • How to use a Squeeze Page and the benefits of putting one on your site
  • A simple piece of technology that you can incorporate into your Website to keep in touch with everyone on your list – on autopilot!
  • Why it’s important to give your visitors free stuff – and what to give
  • What to put on your “Thank-you” page and where that comes in the marketing machine sequence
  • How to drive visitors to your site through advertising, where you only pay on results
  • Discover the importance of Back Links and how to create them
  • How to write articles, get them listed for free and use them to drive visitors to your new Website
 Resource Toolkit ·

  • Create Your Squeeze Page
  • Creating and E Book
  • Set Up Auto Responders












Program 10 – Build a Team for Life

Presentation Content·

  • Why having Staff is THE worst idea ever and how to turn them into a Team!
  • How to prepare your business BEFORE you go and attract new people and the step by step process to do this.
  • Why most people in business say ‘I can’t get good people’. You’ll get a system to follow so you will never, ever say those painful words!
  • How most businesses are designed to repel good people and how you can set yours up to attract them!
  • ·         All the templates you need to set-up your business to attract grow and keep good people.
  • The secret to where the best potential Team Members are hiding and how to lure them out (your competitors will hate this one!)
  • The amazingly simple recruitment process that gets applicants competing against each other to get the job!
  • How to turn your business into a game a Team LOVES to play and will always strive to get your business maximum sales!
  • The $10 spend that could protect you from dozens of potential legal hassles and maximise your return of investment into wage costs.
  • Templates to insure your Team do everything in your business the best and most efficient way EVERY time!













Resource Toolkit

        Team Recruitment·

  • Answering Machine Script
  • Answering Machine Response Form
  •  Bank Details Verification Form
  • Congratulations letter For Potential Team Members
  • Invite for Potential Team Members Script
  • New Team Member Interview Meeting Format
  • Script for getting a verbal reference (phone)
  • Uniform log
  • Unlucky Applicant Letter
  • Unlucky Applicant phone script


       Team Training & Development

  • Training Summary
  • About (Company) – Example
  • Counselling Form – Example
  • Daily Production Run – Example
  • Employee Termination Form – Example
  • Introduction to Company – Example
  • Mystery Shopper Report – phone
  • Mystery Shopper Report
  • Operation procedures checklist
  • Operational Procedure  – close – Example
  • Operational Procedure  – service – Example
  • Our Mission & Vision – Example
  • Position Contract for Junior – Example
  • Position Contract for Manager – Example
  • Position Contract for Senior  – Example
  • Roster & Cost analysis Template
  • Rosters Month to a Page
  • Team Meeting Agenda
  • Team Member Contact Details
  • Team Member Performance Review
  • Team Rules – Example
  • Team Training Summary Form
  • Your Playing Field Introduction

Program 11 – Direct Mail

 Presentation Content·

  • You’ll get a step by step process for writing sales letters and direct mail
  • Discover the importance of finding the right list. Why you need to be aware of “sleepers” if you use a list broker
  • How to write compelling headlines with real life examples
  • A simple addition that you can make to your headline that most people writing sales letters are not aware of. It has been shown to increase response yet costs you nothing to add
  • Discover why it is critical to split test so that you don’t end up flushing your money away
  • How you can use the pain concept to get people to relate to what you have written
  • The number one mistake that business owners make when writing direct mail – no wonder so much gets thrown in the bin.
  • What to write so that your letter or direct mail is compelling to read
  • How to use testimonials to add to your message.
  • What a testimonial needs to say so that it carries maximum weight
  • How you can take away the risk from your customers and why it is essential
  • Discover the best colour ink to use for your signature
  • What comes after you have signed off the letter to boost response even further?


 Resource Toolkit ·

  • Classic Direct mail Letter
  • Letter with Aspirin Grabber
  • Letter with Cheque Grabber
  • Letter with Introductory Offer
  • Letter with Tea bag Grabber

















Program 12  – Successful Network Meetings

 Presentation Content·

  • How to stay confident walking into a room full of strangers
  • Discover the three areas that affect the way we feel when approaching others
  • Why it’s critical not to prejudge and how it can cost you business
  • How to break into groups of people that seem to know each other
  • What to say when you see someone standing on their own
  • Discover the difference between Hunters and Farmers and which is best
  • The most important action you must take so that the networking meeting wasn’t a complete waste of time
  • How to set up a Mastermind group and the incredible benefits this can offer you
 Resource Toolkit ·

  • Local Networking Groups Form
  • Mastermind Group Guidelines
  • Mastermind Group Meeting Form
  • Script – Call a Referee
  • Thank You to Valued Customer letter
  • Thanks letter for referring friends
  • The 5×5 Tracking form








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