Get Help With Your Marketing with Done With You Marketing

Done With You Marketing is where I come in and together we create and share the management of your marketing campaigns.

I work with you  – or your office marketing assistant – to firstly get the strategy clear, and then implement the marketing campaign.

We Share the Work Load

You are responsible for at least 50% of the workload, however you also learn as you go from my 30+ years of sales and marketing experience and , over time, you take over more and more of the functions as your confidence and expertise increases.

Ideal for the micro and small business owner where you have so much responsibility yourself.

Always Kept on Track

We meet regularly and together we keep things on track as we implement the strategies together.

Always Remain Part of the Process

Together we cover the full marketing process from the situation analysis, the strategy development and planning, the implementation of the plans, and the ongoing measurement of results.Consultation image

Your investment starts from a $2,200 retainer per month (+ GST for 10 hours work), and a sliding scale for additional hours depending on the size and urgency of the task.

Contact me now and inquire about how I can help you maximize the success of your product or service with a Done with You Marketing package.